Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Book of Spells - cross stitch pattern / Книга Заклинань - схема вишивки хрестиком

The second book from the Witchy Bookshelf series (after the Book of Potions) - The Book of Spells. I thoroughly enjoyed just being immersed in creating this project!

It is not just a book, it has a secret inside :) It's actually a little box for candies! The pattern and tutorial for it is available in the shop and includes everything you'll need to make one.


Друга книга серії Відьомська бібліотека - Книга Заклинань. Та вона не зовсім те, чим здається на перший погляд! Насправді, це коробочка для цукерок чи чогось маленького та особливого. Може бути і прикрасою до Геловіну, і на ялинку (для любителів магічного світу), а також може зберігати "таємниці". 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Magic Potion cross stitch pattern / Магічне Зілля схема вишивки хрестиком

Time to get spooky! Here is last year's addition to my Halloween series of patterns - Love Potion bottle, that will add a bit of glamour to any Halloween decor! The bottle is 12cm high, with DMC and Kreinik threads used. Cute and easy project. The pattern and tutorial is available in my shop

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Welcome Summer 3d cross stitched Cube / Літній вишитий кубик

Welcome Summer cube from my Happy Seasons series. It was created during first months of war with the help of my dear friend Oksana @oksana_jasmin, who stitched the cube and took the photos of finishing, essential for the tutorial. My Mother stitched the cube too and sent it to me, so that I could make these final photos for the shop and instagram. Warm thanks you both, whose time and effort made my intentions and plans real, so that I could still continue issuing new designs!
So, Welcome Summer cube pattern is available as PDF at The cube is stitched on Belfast Linen 32ct with DMC threads.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Cheshire Cat cross stitch pattern / Чеширський Кіт

Cheshire Cat in Mad Hatter's Hat! 

Love Alice in Wonderland fairytale, love its characters, so magical and whimsical and lovely! And, surely, after Madhatter and White Rabbit's Watch, I had to make another ornament for the series. And here it is! 

As you might remember, the Madhatter pattern was free, however, the Hat tutorial was not included. Now, it is a part of Cheshire Cat design (the hat fits both the cat, and the Hatter). 

The pattern/tutorial is available in my shop