Friday, November 11, 2022

The Book Of Potions Cross Stitch Pattern / Книга по Зіллєварінню

💚Hello friends, hope you’re doing well! I’m sorry it’s taken longer than I had hoped to write this post, but I’ve been busy making new ornaments and thinking over the way I gonna continue posting here. Some major changes will follow and starting from this post, this blog will be mostly in English. 

Before I get to my Christmas makes, I’m going to share my most favourite design ever (as for now :)) - the Book of Potions


Мій новий дизайн - Книга по Зіллєварінню, яку я вже детально показувала в instagram. В ній все по-справжньому: і обкладинка, і корінець, і сторінки, і навіть "каптал". У книзі 8 сторінок, на кожній є рецепт зілля: Мудрості, Цілющого зілля, настоянка Хоробрості, зілля Миру, зілля Левітації, еликсир Краси і Молодості, Приворотне зілля та настоянка Удачі. 

So.... chop, crush and grind ingredients! Learn how to brew powerful potions: Wisdom, Healing, Courage, Peace, Flying, Beauty, Love and Luck. This Book of Potions includes the recipes for each one, stitched and assembled entirely by hand.

💚This Book of Potions was my Mom's idea! A year ago she gifted us a Book, dedicated to our wedding's anniversary, with the stitched pages, telling our Love Story :) I will show it to you a bit later. And then, when I was thinking about the Magic Potion bottle, she proposed to make a Book of potions! We discussed the project for 6 months, debating and brainstorming on how to make it look like a real one! To be earnest, first I wanted to make it easier, to make the pages from felt etc. But finally, we decided to try to make it in full, with stitched recipes, with all these details you see on the photos. And here we are! Isn't it magical?

This new pattern with full finishing tutorial is now available at my Etsy shop here

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